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Steel Reinforcement Bar Blast Simulation

Video detail:The US Army Engineer Research & Development Center’s (ERDC)  Blast Load Simulator (BLS) Facility consists of a target assembly building, conference room, control room and an underground protective enclosure to house the BLS. The BLS is a  compressed gas driven shock tube  that allows researchers to investigate blast response of structural components with a peak reflected pressure of up to 80 psi. The Facility has demonstrated the ability to replicate high explosive blast loads accurately over a broad range of interest, a substantial economic benefit and an instrumentation capability superior to that available in typical field environments.

Blast Load Simulator

Blast Load Simulator (BLS)

The BLS Facility was utilized by Vanadium Technology Program in a research project evaluating the blast response of high strength low alloy vanadium microalloyed (HSLA-V) steel rebar. The waveform is created by confining compressed gases in a pressure vessel which upon release creates a blast wave that propagates through a series of expansion ducts to the target vessel where the specimen is mounted. High speed cameras and a fully instrumented target vessel document the blast wave and dynamic response of the specimen.