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  HSLA-V Steel Military Trailer Weight Reduction

Truck towing blocks

Project Background 

The Military Trailer Weight Reduction Team has conducted investigations on the application of HSLA-V steel, or high-strength low-alloy steel microalloyed with vanadium, to reduce weight and improve performance of various military trailers. Based on the findings of these investigations, the team will develop a project plan for deployment of HSLA-V steels in current and proposed military trailers to achieve previously idenified weight savings and performance improvements.

Project Objective

The objective of this project is to reduce the weight of military trailers by at least 15% through the application of HSLA-V steels. With a trailer weighing about 17,000 pounds; a 15% weight reduction would eliminate 2,550 pounds of weight.

Detailed case studies for this project listed below. Please click link to download pdf for more details.

PDF Use of Vanadium High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels in Military Trailers 3.57 MB