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  HSLA-V Steel Reinforcement Bar

Rebar Dry and in Concrete

Project Background

The project objective is to investigate HSLA-V steel, or high-strength low-alloy steel microalloyed with vanadium reinforcement bar and high-strength concrete for newly constructed reinforced concrete protective structures. These structures could be integrated into new US Army facilities or civilian applications.

Project Objective

The use of HSLA-V steel reinforcement bar combined with high strength concrete has potential application to the construction of facilities designed to resist extreme dynamic loads, such as blast or seismic loads. Combining this evolving class of construction materials would enable hardened structures to protect occupants and property while preventing progressive collapse. The HSLA-V reinforcement bar research provides opportunities to study and initiate structural component designs for enhanced energy absorption or reduced deflection for blast or seismic applications.

Detailed case studies for this project listed below. Please click link to download pdf for more details.

PDF Vanadium Rebar Case Study 2.35MB
Powerpoint Dynamic BLS Slab Experiments (Powerpoint) 1.70MB
Quicktime Steel Reinforcement Bar Blast Simulation (.mov)