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  HSLA-V Steel Long-Span Structures


Project Background 

An initial case study of long span structures focused on the redesign of joist member sizes which resulted in weight savings when HSLA-V steel, or high-strength low-alloy steel microalloyed with vanadium, is used. In addition to the potential weight savings for joist girders, an added benefit of using HSLA-V steel was the increased load capacity of the joist girders for a given span.

Project Objective

Use a military long-span structure as a demonstration project to more specifically determine the benefits of using HSLA-V steel joists. Significant potential cost and environmental benefits are expectd for military facility construction, such as hangers, maintenance facilities and warehouses.

Detailed case studies for this project listed below. Please click link to download pdf for more details.

PDF An Experimental Study on the Behavior of Trusses Built with HSLA-V Steel 7.50MB