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HSLA-V Steel Case Studies
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From buildings to bridges, from vehicles to rebar, HSLA-V steels or high-strength low-alloy steels micro-alloyed with vanadium are becoming increasingly important in commercial design. HSLA-V steels are potentially valuable in the private sector, could be crucial in selected military applications, where reducing the weight of such things as vehicles, weapons systems, and rapid deployment bridges is a top priority.

HSLA-V is being used in a wide range of applications (see right sidebar) where factors including material reliability, environmental issues, fabrication costs, and design challenges come in to play.

HSLA-V steel should be a consideration virtually anywhere that strength and reduced weight are important, along with such benefits as ductility, total elongation, and weldability. These properties have improved engineering applications and components in bridges, buildings, pipes and tubing and vehicles.

HSLA-V steel provides a good alternative to standard low C-Mn steel when a given project requires high-strength, toughness, ductility, elongation or weldability - all supported through examples of selected case studies, news articles and research white papers from the military and the private sector.
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